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Get A Taste Of Some Fresh Avial!

Avial are back – not that they’d ever really gone anywhere. But the build up to their forthcoming album can begin in earnest, with the acoustic teaser of ‘Ayyo’ hitting the World Wide Web.

You could be far away and somewhere else, but you’ll know this is Avial when you hear it – especially as Tony John’s earthy wail emerges from behind the wall of guitar sounds.

Being an ‘acoustic’ teaser, it does have a lot of guitars, placed in fairly able hands, as Rex Vijayan and Binny Isaac form an uncompromising rhythm section with their nuanced strumming.

The altar style candle lighting in the promo makes it seem ephemeral, as if the music were the only constant in the moment. And who knows – in the semi meditative state of performance, the band actually seem to be guided by that philosophy.

The promo video was produced by Papaya Media, in conjunction with Mal Function. Ajay Menon, Harshad Ali and Abhilash Kumar are the accredited conceptualists and brains behind the barely-minute long clip. They can all go home pretty chuffed with themselves.

I smell lots of good music and sunshine.

Avial – Ayyo! (Accoustic Teaser) from Papaya Media on Vimeo.

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