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Fraaandship ain’t happening, if you’re gonna play THAT.

MTV calls ‘Dheaon Dheaon’ ( sung as ‘dhee-yao’ x 2) from ‘Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge’ (give or take a few a’s) the new party anthem. On what basis they’d make this claim hasn’t been deciphered yet. 

But after a quick listen – or just about as long as you can keep up – the song debunks all those theories, and forcefully and unsolicitedly imprints itself in a dark, deep corner of your head, to be played back at any inopportune moment.

Which could count as a serious affliction, as gems like “Uh, possessive with feelings intense/Forever, irrespective of the expense/Uh, together, we partners in crime/Uh, better and perfected with time”, backed by a mash of hip-hop and pop, make your soul cringe. You’ll know it by the deep churn you experience in your solar plexus.

[youtube_video id=p0KqxGIOWVo]

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