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Foo Fighters Get Freaky. And Foamy.

Foo Fighting with soap and water

A large part of being a rockstar is the weird ideas you have and your audacity in living them through. Who cares about the messages they send out and all things subliminal?

So, when Dave Grohl dons the birthday suit and steps into the shower with the rest of his equally naked band in this tour promo video, dressed in believable fake trucker beards and soap lather, let’s not ruin it by talking about how it all brings out their ‘love of the road’. We don’t need to pretend. 

[youtube_video id=E1sTM_yEPFU]

Although, with this being the promo video for an upcoming tour and all, it really raises some questions about the kind of trucker-loving truckers they want attending their concerts. 

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