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Folk Music You Must Hear this Monsoon – Score Short Reads

The term “folk” music itself says that they are the songs for the common people. These songs are fun, enjoyable and entertaining to hear. The lyrics are conversational, and the tunes are easily hummable for the common audience.

The songs are thoroughly enjoyable and India being a diverse country in terms of cultural norms and unique features in every region, folk songs developed based on the local language, and their surroundings. Sometimes, folk songs can actually speak about social issues in such a painful and passionate way.

The exuding rawness in the folk music is something pristine and remarkable.  We bring you some of the finest folk music that has emerged over the centuries in India. 

  1. Bihugeet- Assam: Geographically located in the north east, Bihugeet is all about the living conditions and the daily routines of the Assam people. Spanning over themes such as love, social message, and nature- Bihugeet is a beautiful listen during the monsoons.
  2. Lavani- Maharashtra:  Highly rhythm based along with colorful Maharasthrian styled tunes, Lavani is dynamic and also speaks about the contemporary social issues. This form of folk music became nationally popular for its expertise. 
  3. Maand- Rajasthan: When the desert it at its utmost calm , or when a sandstorm comes in- Maand is something one cannot miss when it comes to folk songs. With rustic voices singing the notes effortlessly, carrying the local stringed instruments and dressed in bright reds and greens, A visit to Rajasthan is guaranteed if their folk music is appreciated. One cannot forget the most popular Kesariya Baalam- which must be having a hundred different versions.
  4. Kajari- UP/Bihar: Sung by the womenfolk who yearn to see their beloved, Kajari is all about love and bonding.  Originated from Mirzapur, this folk music will surely tug a heartstring for the emotional ride it takes us through.
  5. Pandavani- Orissa/AP/ Chattisgarh/Madhya Pradesh: India has a long history of story telling, and many interesting stories were passed from generation to another through word of mouth. Folk music has been greatly responsible for this to happen. The lead singer uses the tanpura along with some dholak, and supporting instruments to tell about those forgotten stories in musical form. 
  6. Bhavgeet- Karnataka: Also the home for Yaksha Gaana, Bhavgeet is an amazing folk genre from the breathtaking Karnataka.  Written by famous Kannada poets and writers,  the singer of this genre of music are out of the world. True to its name, there is some much of hidden meaning in the lines and the singer’s renditions.

With the advent of printing and book, and later the Internet and mobile revolution- the art of passing stories through singing folk music has almost gone into obsolete stage. With COVID-19 around the corner, and people wishing to go back to their roots, folk music is a great place to start.; It also gives the listener an understanding of the region’s customs, their stories, and gain so much of valuable knowledge.

Take time this monsoon to make yourself dwell in the rustic folk music roads, and take your children and younger music lovers as well to get a remarkable and rewarding musical experience. 

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