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Akaash Ampili | TCMP | Kausthub Ravi – Miss You Forever: Score Indie Reviews

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Akaash Ampili is a music enthusiast turned writer. With an ambition to put out songs that mean something to him and everyone else in the world, he is looking forward to releasing tracks that are close to his heart. His debut release “Miss You Forever” is written for his mother. In the song, he talks about the time when you miss your mother and how the emotions you go through are beyond comprehension. “Miss You Forever” is written with the aim of making you feel closer to your mother. Akaash Ampili talks about how the wish of being with her and staying close will forever be there and tries to illustrate the unconditional love mothers are always ready to give. 

The most impressive thing about “Miss You Forever” is the level of immersive intimacy achieved by everyone involved in it. Yes, the song might be written by them, but it has been performed for you. This is music deeply rooted in its time and in its space yet played without borders – and it’s all the better for it.

The track’s charm lies in its easy, intimate delivery. It is delivered with a lo-fi approach and an engaging sense of humanity that is born out of the fact that this music is a result of people playing what matters to them just because it matters to them. 

While Akaash Ampili might be new to the scene, he is well supported by The Coconut Milk Project, Shajith, Sivanesh and Kausthub Ravi on this track. “Miss You Forever” is a fine and accessible song on the surface but built on firm foundations of skilful songwriting, steady arrangements, and lots of emotions that are buoyed by solid performances underneath.

Verdict: Don’t Miss It.

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