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Flo Rida In Chennai!

 Tracktical Entertainments can celebrate this alright, but it’s a coup of sorts. Even though Chennaiites love their music, the city has never quite broken through into the tour itineraries of renowned international artists. That was till now, as Flo Rida, fresh from his appearance at the opening ceremony of the T20 Champions League in Bangalore, is set to perform live at the VGP lawns on 7th October 2011. 

The support cast comes in the form of BLaNK, a DJ act from Chennai and reigning champions of the MTV Ultimate DJ Championship, who will presumably start the proceedings. Before Flo Rida takes centrestage.

[youtube_video id=q_qckrHDZX4]

Just so you won’t be blank when BLaNK does their thing

We’ve been promised a state-of-the-art concert, with elaborate lighting effects and pyrotechnics galore to jazz up the night and put a party spin – if that was ever needed – to Flo Rida’s rendition of his string of hits, drawn from three successful albums, right down to his latest David Guetta-powered hit, ‘Where Them Girls At’.

[youtube_video id=p4kVWCSzfK4]

The VGP lawns will probably house 6000 screaming partyheads on the night, so make sure you make the queue in time. Tickets will go on sale at select venues across the city soon. Watch this space.

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