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Five Tips To Help You Produce Events Efficiently And Economically – Score Short Reads

Five Tips To Help You Produce Events Efficiently And Economically – Score Short Reads

Surgical organization

From the beginning, a good production scheme with clear goals and relieving resources makes production healthy and clear. This will help us identify missing or delayed items. Defining a consistent and clear budget system will help avoid unforeseen expenses.

Technical Producer/Stage Manager: Stage management is a broad field that is generally defined as the practice of organizing and coordinating an event or theatrical production. Stage management can encompass a variety of activities, including overseeing the rehearsal process and coordinating communications between various teams and production personnel. Stage management requires a general understanding of all aspects of production and offers organizational support to ensure the process runs smoothly and efficiently. A stage manager is a person who has overall responsibility for the stage direction and smooth execution of a theatrical production. Stage direction can be done by an individual in small productions,Stage manager at his job.

Produce sustainably

One of the worst evils in the entertainment industry is to produce in a deficit way, most medium and small productions are always in the red, this is due to lack of foresight among other things. Plotting estimated numbers of minimum and maximum returns ensures that we are prepared for all scenarios.

Doing the estimated calculations well, we will know how much we can invest in production and if everything is outside the stipulated budget, we will know that it can be a serious risk for production.

Define personal and work team working days and hours.

Rest is as or more important than work itself, it is preferable to occupy short but effective days and that can only be achieved with organization and spacing out the days, in this way we avoid unnecessary risks. If we have to assemble a rental lighting equipment, we must know how long the company is going to take to assemble everything, and try to leave a time margin of at least 25% of what was agreed for unforeseen events, simply a logistical delay can delay a whole organization chart and leaving entire teams idle, and that is definitely worse than being on duty.

Lighting technicians are responsible for setting up, wiring, operating, and maintaining lighting systems and electrical effects in a theatrical or artistic performance. Lighting technicians work closely with lighting designers. Lighting designers decide where lights should be placed and draw their position on a lighting plan. Using this blueprint, lighting technicians set up the lights and focus them. Once the assembly is underway, they make sure the lights work properly and are properly maintained.  They run the lights from the light board. Lighting technicians are also responsible for equipment cleaning, maintenance, and repairs. 

Less is more

Many times events, shows or shows are created with great expectation, with the desire to achieve unique moments that are remembered over time, but sometimes many moments within an event go unnoticed and consume a lot of effort and resources. It is the art of the producer to diagnose how many of these ephemeral moments our production supports, it is always good to simplify these actions and look for an unforgettable experience in simplicity.

Recognize the team’s work with details.

The work teams and the workers of the show individually leave a lot to be said if in production, proactivity, experience and love for the trade are critical qualities for the development of any event. Without a doubt they are protagonists and responsible for the quality of a show, that’s why you should always recognize that work with details, a small present, a public recognition, take care of checking that their names are correct in the credits and recognize their contribution in the production.

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