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7 Ultimate Carnatic Compositions that allow you to introspect life – Score Short Reads

Carnatic Music is usually associated with devotional compositions and the musical trinity also composed many such masterpieces on various deities. For example, Saint Thyagaraja swami composed most of his compositions to Lord Rama and Shyama Sastry wrote most of the compositions to Goddess Kamakshi. However, there are some wonderful compositions that also speak about the nuances of life and how to introspect oneself. These compositions are like great life guides to live a fulfilling life. Here are seven ultimate Carnatic compositions that lead to the path of introspection:

  1. Manasa Yetulorthune- Malayamarutham- Thyagaraja: A beautiful composition that speaks about the fluctuations mind goes through and with the path of spirituality and devotion, how can one overcome the challenges. Saint Thyagaraja throws light on the swaying thoughts of mind in a beautiful melodious manner.
  2. Entha Nerchina- Suddha Dhanyasi- Thyagaraja:  Saint Thyagaraja has a wittiness when it comes to compositions, and this composition is a perfect example of how human attractions can take over the mind.  The first line “Entha Nerchina Entha Choosina Entha vaaralaina Kaantha Daasule”( No matter how much you learn, see, or a great person- they can be slaves to the beauty of a woman).  This is indeed a witty and interesting way of saying how human mind works and introspect about life. 
  3. Dudukugala Nanne Dora- Gowla- Thyagaraja:  One of the pancharatna kritis, this kriti is a wonderful ode to how human behaviour brings problems in the world. It also throws light on the caste system and also gives a solution on how to live a better life by overcoming those vices.
  4. Brahmamokkate- Bowli- Annamacharya: An amazing composition that speaks about the caste system that prevails in our Indian society. Annamayya speaks about how every person is equal in front of God and the greatness of humanity.
  5. Chakkani Raja Margamundaga-Kharaharapriya- Thyagaraja:  The spiritual path is quite important for a person to lead a life of principles. This kriti explains the same saying that one has to take the royal path instead of narrowed down, lowly roads for the life’s journey. Such a beautiful way to explain about leading life’s journey!
  6. Durmargachara- Ranjani- Thyagaraja: A deep composition that speaks about people with wrong vices and how they need to come out of it through pursuing art or taking the path of righteousness.
  7. Saadhinchene O Manasa- Aarabhi- Thyagaraja: “Samayaniki Tagu Maataladene” says the first line of the charanam. It means- speak the right words in the right time! Though it looks very easy to do, it is quite difficult to put in practice. The entire ending charanam speaks about pursuing the right pathway.

On the eve of world music day, relish and embrace these wonderful compositions and remember their thinking ahead of time about the right lifestyle. 

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