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Finally,a guitar game that uses a real guitar!

For all those guitar players out there who liked the guitar games but not the controllers and who share my frustration with the current guitar games,Ubisoft has something worthwile and promising that should be checked out by all the music lovers those who have a PS3,Xbox 360,a PC or even otherwise.

Ubisoft presents Rocksmith,a game that needs you to plug in a real guitar,anything from a student-level guitar to a high-end gibson or a fender.This is not the first game since guitar hero which uses a fully stringed guitar.There is ‘Rockband 3’ which did it pretty sharp but was pretty expensive at the same time and then there is the ‘Power Gig:the rise of the six string’ which came and went with almost no appreciation or impact.

 [youtube_video id=lSx1R-kKuM4]

Rocksmith picks up the tone from your guitar strings in realtime and project them in the game and hence you need to tune your guitar regularly,but there rocksmith makes tuning your guitar rather easy and fun with an on-screen tool before every song.Rocksmith is like a virtual guitar teacher which tells you which string to pluck to play the correct note for the respective song.

Rocksmith like other guitar games have similar in-game features where in the player can select the difficulty level(rocksmith also changes it according to the player’s performance in the game),have to go through career mode playing gigs and unlocking new songs and items to purchase in the store like guitars,venues,etc.There is this one interesting mode unique to rocksmith i.e the ‘amp mode’ where a person who knows to play the guitar can go and just play anything they like with around 60 effect pedals made available to them.The player will learn advanced techniques such as sustainging,bending,etc as they advance in the game.The game has seven arcade style mini-games which help the player to get the hang of a guitar and maybe practice a few chords.

The game is said to include 50 tracks or maybe more that span from classic hits to current favorites. Each of these will feature the real lead, rhythm, and combo guitar compositions found in the songs.They consist of Breed,In bloom,icky thump,outshined,etc

The game is available this fall and comes as a standard pack of just the game and a 1/4″ to USB wire for $79 or a bundle which has not been confirmed which also includes the Epiphone Les paul Junior which would cost around $200.The game can be pre-ordered at or visit for more info.

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