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Five fantastic Dubstep artists of India!

Dubstep has been predominantly a music revolution with its epicenter in London. The Jamaican influence and other experimentations and mixtapes turned out to be one of the most satisfying musical revolution of the recent times, so much so that BBC Radio 1 supported the movement and made it a compelling sensation.

With the boom in the information technology, internet jetshot the ‘neo sound’ of the age like a wildfire and soon there was an instantaneous bombardment of content in the internet with respect to the kind of independent music that was being produced and the cultured environment ensured that there were a lot of blogs written and materials read and studied by the amateurs and enthusiasts of the upcoming trend of making music on the go and that lead to the spreading of the music to the countries which were so far not infused by the new wave. In India the independent music scene erupted grossly with different bands doing experiments in their backyard. This transpired to more alternative music as televised videos of music makers populated the minds of young sound designers and musicians.

Thus, a microcosm was born which cared a lot about music which was pure, raw and uncorrupted, unlike the filmy music of the hard core mainstream music. Indian dub step artists took the lead with both variations and innovations. These own grown music had been successful in the national level by the grace of their talents and skillsets, but nevertheless the young and beautiful composers of the day, had a rolling mill with the help of foreign composers, bands and artists. These helped not only the composers in creating an emphatic track record but also being an international label holders.

The future garage would reverb with an amalgamated fuselages of post dub step tracks, trance, house and heavy metal; all spiked in a drink of sound and magic and poured in a glitzy glittery glass of sparkling and rip roaring performances!

Dub step artists are growing up in smaller cities and more and more are mushrooming with DJs toying their turntables. Here are some of the most happening artists from India, who are making all the right noises.

SICKFLIP, is best known for mixtapes and heavy duty synth over bass, a solo project of a 22 year old kid Sarvesh Srivastava. Sickflip is already making some veritable feast of bass and instrumentation. Sickflip has mastered the art of throbbing speakers at a dance studio with his remarkable blend of contrasting musical flavours ranging from the melodious calm beats to the foot tapping heavy beats.

BREED, is a bass buster who has been working over the past ten years out of Mumbai now, he has evolved from strengths to strengths with his popular dance riots. Their absolute rollicking tracks are Moon and Stars, Blame the Funk etcetera. The Sunburn and Supersonic stars are ahead in the race due to their impeccable combination of a two time DMC champion classical pianist and a prodigally gifted composer. They have already performed alongside international big shots like Skrillex, Dillon Francis and Major Lazer etcetera.

OX7GEN, has a popular crop of drum and base music, and is a big name in the international music community. His music has been widely circulated in various labels. Aditya Ashok has shot to fame as the ultimate glocal artist hailing from Mumbai. This Weekender rockstar, also plays for the color of compound. He is a chilled out music freak who has created his music on his trips to Goa.

Sound Avatar aka Piyush Bhatnagar has been awarded the best DJ producer by MyFav awards; just a couple of years back. His audio production techniques are far flung and super stylish when compared to the rest of his competitors. Hailing from Jaipur, but now settled in Delhi this young musicians’ drums are certainly off the chains.

Su Real is an avant garde nano genre based DJ who is fast changing the indie scene with his transcendental music of oldy goldies fused with snackable disco beat and peppy numbers.

Local artists have shot to great heights with the help from big names of the international arena. Seven and Seven’s Nischay Sharma is another indie artist who got major boosts from the likes of Xilent and Nghtmre.

The dub step artists herald a beginning of the age of an independent movement of music which does not have a dependence on the mainstream market to flourish and aspire to be accepted, rather it has created an orb of the beautiful flowers which could crown the best of the best of any other genres of music in the free soul experiments of the days to come.

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