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The CASIO CTK 6300IN- From practice to performance

All of us dream of playing in a band on stage, or reciting a classical piece in front of a grand audience. We dream of creating majestic ensembles that captures the awe of listeners around. Then why be limited by choice and create only a fraction of the grandeur that’s possible?

The instruments that we first pick as beginners can only go so far as to let us compose music that’s part of basic learning, or limited to musical curriculum. Due to its technological limitations, it binds our choices of tones, functionalities, genres and the ability to create the sound that one exactly wants.

For players who feel this limitation with their current instrument and harbor the insatiable desire to up their game, explore new sounds and play a few gigs, Casio’s CTK 6300IN provides the perfect platform for beginners and intermediates to graduate to the next level in the art form.

Whatever be the genre – Carnatic, Hindustani, Classical, Rock, House or even Hip-Hop, the CTK 6300IN with over 200 rhythm patterns and 700+ tones allows one to create music without prejudice. The 17-track song sequencer will let one perform multi-track recordings of other instruments over beats and drum layers to create full blown songs in real time and the 32 channel mixer & equalizer will adjust the sound parameters and help interface with the on stage sound. In the hands of a diligent musician, that’s enough to create a theatrical and enchanting experience.

The keyboard features 100 preset DSPs which can add dimensions to the tones played by the keyboardist. By adjusting the parameters of the DSP effect types, one can create original effects and store up to 100 original types in memory for later recall. With exhaustive music presets, this piano style keyboard also allows pattern sequencing to create origial accompaniment from multiple built in rhythms which can be recorded and saved on an SD Card in MIDI format. Its 6W+6W high-output bass reflex 2-way 4-speaker system delivers rich sound across ones sound range and it doubles up as high-quality monitoring speakers during performances. You even can save tones to which effector effects are being applied. Recalling a registration instantly changes the digital keyboard’s setup, making this a great tool for live stage performances. Features like these equip the aspiring professional with the ability to express their composition style in a way that is otherwise not possible on a beginner level keyboard.

Nevertheless, a well rounded keyboard goes a long way in completing a musician’s versatile repertoire, hence, picking the right one becomes absolutely critical for one’s growth as a performer. Any performance keyboard one considers should unlock one’s potential by expanding the range of musical possibilities. However, the current alternatives to CTK 6300IN limit these and create trade offs between crucial functionality choices, thereby capping the limitless prospects of the artist. This not only binds one’s repertoire, but also creates dissatisfaction that the full value of the instrument was not delivered inspite of paying full price.

With almost two decades of experience in working with music enthusiasts and technology, Casio excels at understanding these innate needs of a musician and delivering products that empower them to perform at their best. The CTK 6300IN stands as the epitome of Casio’s high quality offering for the ones that aspire to reach the pinnacle and promises to deliver top-notch sound quality and unravel possibilities every time one plays the keys. So go ahead and explore the music with Casio.

Read the product review in our May 2017 issue:

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