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The Fanculos: On their upcoming gig at the Wonderflip Festival and more!

In conversation with Ryan & Ramon from the band Fanculos who talk to us about what makes their music unique, set list at the Wonderflip Festival, future projects and more.

Venue: Khempur, Udaipur

Date: 9th to 12th November


Tell us about your music and what makes it unique?

Ryan – Its organic. Its got a story. You can dance to it and will want to take it home.
Ramon – We’re all about giving our audiences a good time, we just wanna make people jump up and down! If we can do that, then they go home happy which makes us happy

What’s going to be on the set list of the Wonderflip Festival’s 1st edition? Are there any new songs that the audiences can look forward to?

Ramon – It will be our usual high-energy set of ska, reggae and funk. We’re going to try out a couple of new songs as playing material from our upcoming ‘Gangsta TV EP’

What’s your take on the growth of music festivals in India?

Ramon – Im delighted with the way that music festivals are evolving. Its such a diverse country with so much cool, homegrown indie music on offer that its inevitable that some of these festivals will be of very high quality. Its also brilliant that the festival audience seems to be growing in size as well as expectations. Bring it on!

Ryan – Its great to see so many new festivals taking shape and so many people coming out in support. Hope this trend continues and soon we can have our own ‘Glastonbury’ for the world to experience!

Tell us about your upcoming projects

Ramon – We will be releasing our Gangsta TV EP towards the end of October. We’re obviously extremely excited. It contains 3 really cool songs that have been in the set from the beginning that we’ve been dying to record in the studio.

Your message to people who would be coming to the festival

Ryan – Don’t hold back! Experience the festival, the music, the people, the vibe without any inhibitions!
Ramon – Be who you really wanna be, love all, and… don’t forget your skanking shoes!


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