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In conversation with The Chizai Quartet: Wonderflip Festival

Ahead of the Wonderflip Festival, The Chizai Quartet had a chat with us about their music, set list at the Festival, upcoming projects and their take on the Indian festival scene.

Venue: Khempur, Udaipur

Date: 9th to 12th November


Tell us about your music and what makes it unique?

What like to believe that the core essence of our music is a fresh acoustic sound, the kind where even a song you’d have heard a thousand times will still sound fresh. Good vibes and a good time for all matters a lot to us. We’d not be ashamed in admitting that what sets us slightly apart is our use of Trombone, that instrument is rarely seen in the circle.

What’s going to be on the set list of the Wonderflip Festival’s 1st edition?

There’s a lot we’ve selected for the performance. It’s a cocktail made from the choicest ingredients: from The Beatles to Coldplay to John Mayer to Avicii. We try to be inclusive of many genres and eras of music as to give our set list a timeless feel. Everyone can relate to something, everyone can find one song they’d be bound to sing along to.

Are there any new songs that the audiences can look forward to?

Of course. We are mid-way of recording our debut EP, ‘Homecoming’; and the audience will get to hear all three songs from the EP. We are excited, nervous, and absolutely looking forward to play these songs for the people there.

What’s your take on the growth of music festivals in India?

The music festival scenario has changed drastically. A few years back there were only a few music festivals happening, and the bands that performed were either very established and very seasoned. A good music festival happening that was talked about and properly advertised was unheard of. Finding good audience was a rarity too. But now music festivals are a thing which people take seriously, and travel miles to attend to. The audience build up is good. More and more bands are participating and the Indian people are finally taking the country’s band culture seriously.

Tell us about your upcoming projects

Currently we are recording and producing our first EP titled ‘Homecoming’. Its first single ‘Far Away’ is out on YouTube too. Also we are collaborating with different artists on various projects, planning a performance art based show which integrates elements of art and music together.

Your message to people who would be coming to the festival?

We are very grateful to the people who’d be attending the festival for seeking to discovering new music out there. That is such an important way to support independent music in the country, there is so much good music out there. We promise to give you a lovely and a good time. Come, let’s all spread good vibes and good times and good music together at Wonderflip.


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