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Emiway Bantai’s Latest Track Paani Mein Is Gonna Set Your Earphones on Fire: Score Indie Reviews

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Indian hip-hop has now taken a centre stage in the music industry. The past
three years have been massive for the scene. One can only imagine where it
will be in the next 10 years. Emiway Bantai is one such underground artist who has garnered an enormous fan base over the years. Known for his inimitable style, delivery, flow and content, with cutting-edge videos, provocative lyrics, he’s begun getting a larger share of the mainstream spotlight.

His latest drop “Paani Mein” is a fervent effort to exhibit the Bollywood drill, it loops into the commercial vibe, in contrast to his usual songs. Two music producers for the first time in Emiway’s musical odyssey so far, have come together to produce a single track, Tony James from the super popular
‘Machayenge’ series that got 100 million + views and Yoki from another cult-
favourite ‘Khatam Hogaye Vaandhe’, yet another 100 million + hit, making
them the ideal two combustible ingredients, to put together an explosive

Coming to the vocals, Swalina’s high-pitch catchy hook along with her
sexy smouldering appearances, adds a glamourous Bollywood-ish vibe to the video. Young Ghalib’s verses blend seamlessly with Emiway’s, Bantai &
Aakash’s smooth transition on Mix Master certainly helps.

The hard-hitting drop, the fine addition of a trumpet, the classic use of djembe with techno drum pads, combined with the Reggaeton beats make this a super groov-able, high-on-energy, addictive number.

Verdict: This one’s going to rule your playlist for a long time.

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