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Egress point by ‘What Escapes Me’

Kolkata based metal band ‘What Escapes Me’ just put out their debut album titled ‘Egress Point’. The album is, to put it lightly, hard hitting. It consists of 10 tracks.

Here’s Sambit Chatterjee on the music and the metal scene in Kolkata: “Metal or rather music is an anomaly. Any form, any genre. It doesn’t matter what the set trend is, what matters is how original and honest you are to yourself.

Some people are honest to the back log that Calcutta holds, the rock and the old school vibe and they do that with pure love and sentiment. But Calcutta had changed and has evolved a lot lately, a lot of original music is brewing and it’s mostly the young musicians taking and effort to break the set. It’s not difficult but it is happening recently and we are glad that we are a proud part of that”.

There are also influences from Indian Classical in the album, with some Indian instruments blending effortlessly into the mix. ‘My dad PT. Subhen Chatterjee is a Tabla player and I have had great North Indian Classical music influence throughout my childhood. Watching and hearing this all my life made impact, after we made the songs we somehow felt this was the correct space to include some of the classical influence. See, the music you make is what you feel at that time mixed with everything you have ever grown up with. I convinced them to use the Sarod for Section 66 Part 5, after that worked we really got deep as to how to use this more but not over power our music.’ says the drummer who himself played the opening Tabla on the track ‘The Truth Of A Lie’, which premiered earlier this year on TV under the Just Arrived block.

Find their music on OKListen here:

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