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Digital Music for Independent Releases

Digital Media has given a huge boost to indie music. It has been helpful for not just sit-at- home prodigies like Shraddha Sharma, but also for well known voices like Kailash Kher to sustain their hold on the public.

“The major reasons behind musicians’ reluctance to cut new albums, and the record labels’ hesitance to back artistes, were that the production and marketing costs used to be high. However, now artistes feel that while making an album is a risk, it’s one worth taking. That’s because, today, they can also release records online. Moreover, they feel confident because they have a strong fan base. “We decided to come up with our record because of our listeners. Every time we performed at a concert, people would ask when we plan to release a ghazal album. So, our listeners are our inspiration,” says Mitali Singh.”

Digital mediums like Gaana, Saavn, YouTube and iTunes make it easy for artistes to showcase, release and promote music. And, with the help of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you can promote and create a buzz around your work. Today, people buy music from these digital platforms. However, the number of free downloads is still higher,” says Kashyap.

But Kher is not discouraged that the sales are low. “Even if the sales aren’t good, seeing our fan base expand because of the digital world is a huge encouragement,” he says.

(Quotes from Hindustan Times)

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