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Eccentric Pendulum Heading To Portugal

Bangalore’s native progressive experi – ‘metallists’, Eccentric Pendulum are riding their music across the seven seas, figuratively. Specifically, they are invitees to SWR MetalFest 2012 in Barroselas City in Portugal, having been accorded a performance slot in the 26th – 30th April showpiece.

Eccentric Pendulum will join a cast of renowned metal acts from all over the world to shape celebrations, to be headlined by Norwegian black metal band, Immortal. Other biggies on the roster include Hirax, Candlemass and Cerebral Bore.

Eccentric Pendulum might feel rushes of glory with this bit of international patronage, but it’s nothing new for them; the band represented India at the Wacken Metal Battle in Germany in August 2011, carrying with them their own eclectic bred progressive metal stylings, that are as chaotic and beautiful as the culture they come from.

[youtube_video id=rct0paxEGx0]

It all began with their debut EP The Sculptor Of Negative Emotions in 2009 – not very long after their formation – which set in motion a chain of positive repercussions. It led to the band featuring on stage along with the best of Indian Metal at various college fests and independent gigs.

Inspite of all this, however, the band maintain the ambiguity of their origins, stressing their progressive metal classification is a sheepskin for the other beasts in their souls – which even draw from jazz and ambient.

All of the hoopla might threaten to obliterate the fact that Eccentric Pendulum also released their debut full length album Winding The Optics recently, close on the heels of their Germany outing. People had suspected more djenting, but it sounds tighter than a noose, with enough regulation vitriolic riffing.

[youtube_video id=JBAEDplc7nI]

Here’s a shout out to the band, wishing them luck and hoping they come back with a lot of new devotees. We’ll be here to partake in some of that mania.

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