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Eashwar Subramanian elevates his brand of Ambient Production with his new EP Twinopia: Score Indie Reviews

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Bangalore-based producer Eashwar Subramaniam has built quite a reputation with his unique style of ambient, soothing production. In fact, his previous discography included a 2018 album named Ambient Hamlet. His new release is a three-track EP providing much-needed tranquility in this unruly year. 

The lead single off the EP is bizarrely titled Metamorphic Raga.  But the title makes sense once you hear it. The track perfectly blends ambient electronica with jazz and classical influences, particularly the Carnatic violin, perfectly amplifying what Subramaniam dubs as ‘Carnatic Chill’. 
Wayfarer, the middle interlude is equally catchy and adds to the spacey vibes of the EP, opening with some classic ‘chillwave’ sounds like that of slow-running water. Twinopia closes with the next song titled Pianoman at the Sequencing Room. 

Now, for many, Metamorphic Raga might be the standout track from the EP but it’s still hard to choose a personal favourite. With EPs of such short durations, the tracklist tends to be generalised into two different categories. The songs would either be distinct from each other or would thematically complement each other. Twinopia seems to fall in the latter category for the best.

The best soundscape that can be painted with this EP is when one listens to all three tracks at once. The sequencing and transitions to each are smooth. And even though the tracks seem to be in perfect unison (thematically) with each other, they still don’t end up sounding overlong or monotonous. In other words, Subramaniam has arranged his tracks as smoothly as his so-called ‘ambient’ production. 

The EP might not be a trailblazer in the world of current Indian instrumental music but it unleashes a lot of possibilities for how Eashwar Subramaniam’s future sounds would evolve in the future. From Ambient Hamlet to Twinopia, he’s indeed making a mark for himself and his high-end production. 

Verdict: A three-track EP perfectly suited for a quick and easy listening session.

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