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Dualist Inquiry Headlines Eristoff

[youtube_video id=pitVX-YBfHo]

Dualist Inquiry has been roped in to headline Eristoff Invasion alongside Guetta! He will take the stage at 5pm, a little before the main show, in all three cities. There will be one more act at 6.45 just before Guetta, news on that very soon!

Sahej Bakshi is the one man show that is Dualist Inquiry. The genre is called rock electronica & the last time us Score hounds caught him was at the Nh7 Weekender. His album is slated for release later this year.

With regard to Guetta, here’s what he has to say: 

“I am extremely thrilled about supporting David Guetta on his first Indian tour ever. I would have never thought it possible when I was just starting out as a musician two years ago, and it’s still a surreal thought to be sharing the stage with someone whose music is so widely listened to across the world. I can’t wait for Eristoff Invasion to begin; it’s going to be epic!!”

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