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Dr. Football, I Presume.

BigFourZa is its own version of a beloved trend; fan blogs. This one is about football, and more specifically, the flag bearing clubs of the Barclays Premier League – the implied ‘Big Four’-za. The editorial claims a love for football and distaste for all things too serious.

Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United and Liverpool are generally acclaimed as the classical dominant forces of English top flight football, and this website believes that truth with a neo-fascist fervor that dismisses any (and all) pretenders to this elite bracket, most notably Arsenal and Chelsea’s fellow Londoners, Tottenham Hotspurs.

Their bio succinctly states that they are an ‘irreverent football fansite, with a desi twist’, and the simple minded clarity is worthy of appreciation, even if you don’t agree with the general gluttony of post-match, punditry-influenced punditry, or never really understand wherein lies the ‘desitwist’.

The website has an interesting presence on reverbnation too, where they’ve featured a single called ‘Red Devil’ without any further information on its origins or any follow-ups. It might betray a stronger leaning towards Manchester United, who are nicknamed ‘Red Devils’

[youtube_video id=6HWIfqIqZFk]

Check out the blog at and get discussing the fortunes of your favourite football team today, which also happens to the 54th anniversary of the Munich Air Disaster that claimed one of Manchester United’s greatest post-war squads at its prime. 

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