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Reminiscing the time we lost our heart to Distil Soul at HRC, Bengaluru

Coming all the way down from Bombay, cover band Distil Soul rocked out hard at Hard Rock Café last Thursday. Playing a slew of classic hits, Shefali and the band saw a brilliant sound dynamic and an awesome show!!


Starting with Gravity by John Mayer, Shefali’s crooning vocals sounded surreal over the heavy bass of Rushad Mistry (yes..from Indus Creed!). 

The tracklist included Sting’s Englishman in Ney York, Led Zeppelin’s Immigrant Song, Pink Floyd’s Coming Back to Life, Eric Clapton’s Cocaine, Deep Purple’s Smoke on the Water and a few Hindi-Englsh medleys. With a killer set, each song still retained its individuality and energy which is what a really good cover band brings on!

The band went through a series of typical 70’s songs, but their style and sound made it a very different sort of cover show from what you would expect.

Going through a blues segment, the guitarist wailed out some epic solos after which Joe Alvares, well-known Bombay rocker and father of Shefali Alvares got on stage to guest sing his own fair share of covers.

After some interesting instrumental play between the keyboardist, bassist, drummer and guitarist, Joe absolutely killed it with a rendition of The Allman Brothers’ Whipping Post.

[youtube_video id=_Vy5N2iM4kA]



Check out a cool Montage from Distil Soul’s Pune experiences!

All in all it was a great evening of Classic Rock at Hard Rock Café, Bengaluru. I strongly suggest you catch Distil Soul the next time they hit your town!

Check out our QnQ segment with Shefali in the October issue!!

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