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Desi Girl Goes International!

When Priyanka Chopra was sighted at a Lady Gaga concert a few months ago, it was not just fan love. 

The reigning princess of Bollywood is launching into Version 3: Priyanka the PopStar. And her career is going to be helmed by none other than Troy Carter – the manager of global phenomenon Lady Gaga. The actress tweeted that “a long cherished dream” was “finally coming true.” The Universal Music Group & Desi Hits are coming together to make this happen. Her record should be out later this year or early 2012.

Music & Priyanka do have a history. The actress is a trained Western Classical singer. Not just that, her dad Ashok Chopra has dabbled in performing as well, Mohammed Rafi covers being his specialty. Piggychops will be launched as an international artist & this album will be in English (but no surprises if it includes oriental swagger. More excuses for a sexy Desi themed video that is all navel & naagin-like)

[youtube_video id=3xmIN55xNsE]

Priyanka covering Christina at an awards function way back in 2006

All this while she was out there proving that models can act (atleast she was trying to). Will she make it to our list of successful actors turned musicians? 

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