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Danger Mouse’s new project movie-less soundtrack. Do concept albums still work?


Danger Mouse aka Brian Burton of Gnarls Barkley and Daniele Luppi have come up with a concept album Rome. It is a “15 score soundtrack without a movie“. Does it work? Here’s what we think of it. 

Danger Mouse, the Grammy Award winning musician/songwriter/producer and Daniele Luppi, the Italian film score composer/arranger/producer have come up with an album Rome’. The album is supposed to work as the soundtrack of a movie. Only catch- the movie has to be imagined by you.

The two singers featured on this album are Jack White and Norah Jones. Unusual combination with Jones’ signature breathy tones and White’s ragtime bluesy voice, but it works wonders. It has a definite spaghetti western feel to it but 60’s psy-pop infused with instrumentals and a touch of classical wouldn’t be too far off as a description. If you have a hyperactive imagination, rainy weather, castles, heroes and damsels in distress shouldn’t be too hard to picture. If you don’t, it still works as a mellow ambient album.

Don’t be put off if it doesn’t seem like something you’d usually listen to because this album deserves a listen. Beautifully melancholic, if it doesn’t bring to mind a tale of adventure and romance, it’s perfect for those still pensive moments.

‘Rome- Daniele Luppi and Danger Mouse’

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