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Daler Mehndi’s New Video!

And if you thought talks about Daler Mehndi’s comeback were empty threats, be gone. The veritable pimp daddy of Punjabi Pop is back in the house with his latest single, Sheila Ho Ya Munni, from the album Tunak Tunak Tumba.

The song is scheduled to hit the airwaves one of these days, actually. The first look at the video promises it to be one psychedelic cabaret video, as Daler, in vivacious ensembles, poses and smirks at the camera with as many skinny white women the frame would allow.

Those girls can’t seem to bust the moves with as much apparent aplomb as Daler, but they do make up for that with good ol’ sex appeal. There is a certain incongruity about them standing around this flamboyant turbaned man, doing his whole Punjab Di Shaan thing – disco version, probably – but that’s a fleeting thought. As fleeting as all the hems and cuts on their costumes.

But I suppose we aren’t in the rural backyard anymore, where the majority of the audience want a scene atop a haystack. This is the global audience we’re talking about; Indians, even most of the white people who have a thing for spice. So, therein lies the hip hop pizzazz, the ‘hoes’, the bling. Singh is, after all, King. 

[youtube_video id=PUMLH-VhP5c]

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