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In conversation with Wiz Khalifa: His ideologies, India tour and more.

Ahead of his headlining act at Goa’s most awaited music festival Time Out 72 Hours, we had a conversation with the American rapper Wiz Khalifa on his ideologies, why he chose music, about songwriting, what he expects from the festival and more.
What is the one thing about Wiz Khalifa that no one else can ever deliver?
Khalifa Kush
Why did you choose music?
I kinda feel like music chose me. As a kid I was always looking for that connection to something and when I found music I never looked back.
What has been the hardest part of becoming the icon you are right now?
Just being away from my son. I have to travel a lot. Which is great. But I don’t like being away from my son.
How do you decide what you want to talk about in your music?
I usually just talk about what’s going on in my life at the time and any experiences that stuck with me.
What does your songwriting process involve?
My process changes here and there. Every song is different. I don’t like to attack each track with the same method.
What are you looking forward to most in 2018?
Album and music of course but I love being creative in other areas like fashion too. I think they’re naturally connected so look out for a bunch of clothing collaborations too.
Has rap and singing always been natural to you? Or did you ever find yourself having to practise?
My interest and ethic has always been natural. the progression and style comes from just doing it for years and always being aware of how to make it better.
What do you want people to take away from your music?
I just want people to be happy man. If people can listen to my music and maybe smoke some good weed and just be happy, then I’m happy.
Hip-hop has changed a lot, especially in what it means to ordinary people. Do you think it has changed for the better? 
For sure I think it has changed for the better. A lot of what has come before right now has been dope. But I’m always excited for whats coming next.
What is the one thing a budding musician should never do?
What can we expect from you at Time Out 72 in Goa?
Every show is about the people. So I will know once I’m there what I think the fans want to see from me. And then bring it!
What are you expecting from Goa and India?
I’m excited to visit India. I am keeping an open mind and going to embrace the culture as soon as I land. I am looking forward to meeting the people and my fans. I love travelling to be closer to my fans.

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