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In conversation with Gypsy Hill ahead of SulaFest 2018!

Gypsy Hill is the latest project to come from London DJs / producers: DJ Kobayashi and Herbert Newbert.

Starting out as a producer duo, the Gypsy Hill live band soon grew to a 7 piece beats and brass extravaganza – the band have a fast-growing reputation for their high energy shows with big screen visuals and dancers also thrown into the mix.

What’s the story behind your band’s name?

Our first studio in London was just up the road from Gipsy Hill station, we thought it was a cool name and fit the vibe of the music, so we went with it! The day that Gypsy Hill played at the Gipsy Hill Tavern pub in Gipsy Hill was a special moment.

From being a duo, you are now a 7 piece beats and brass band. How did you go about selecting musicians for the band?

These days we find the most impossibly difficult Balkan brass band song, speed it up a few bpm and ask them to learn it by ear. It’s a good measuring stick.. from there it’s all about personality and passion..

With your music, you are sure going to keep people on their toes at SulaFest. What’s on your set list?

Yeah we certainly hope to get everyone jumping. We’ve got a bunch of new tunes from the upcoming
album, plus a few old favourites of course! We’re also working on something special for this gig but we won’t spoil the surprise..

Tell us about your upcoming projects
Our new album ‘Gypsy Hill – Producing’ is the next album out and it’s something a little different! This one’s a collaboration with a few of our favourite artists in the UK & Europe

Your message to our readers
Thanks for checking out the music and we look forward to seeing you at SulaFest!

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