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Bose Professional ShowMatch™ Systems: The success Story!

ShowMatch is rapidly becoming the system of choice, and a smart business decision for leading rental and tour sound companies, based on its sound quality, compact size, selectable coverage patterns and scalability – allowing ShowMatch systems to handle a wide variety of sound reinforcement applications.

Within the past few months, numerous sound and A/V rental company owners around the world have chosen the new Bose Professional ShowMatch™ compact line array system with DeltaQ™ variable-coverage technology as a go-to solution for their rental inventories.

In the United States, Total Production Group (TPG) of Cerritos, California, is an example of a full-service A/V rental company that has adopted ShowMatch. Owner/partner Steve McAllister said going with a ShowMatch system was a very easy decision: “I’ve heard many different systems over the years, and I was very impressed by the coverage and clarity of the Bose ShowMatch system. ShowMatch is a great system for our company because it allows us to scale the rig for anything from a small corporate gig all the way up to stadium-size shows – and do it with amazing quality. It’s small and compact, and it’s just as capable of handling a symphony as it is for EDM shows – simply by reconfiguring the boxes. We’re finding lately that there is more interest in smaller, mid-sized systems that are scalable, because it gives us and our clients flexibility and easier logistics for moving the system from show to show. I know ShowMatch is going to become the workhorse of our audio systems.”

Across Europe, ShowMatch systems are in use by over two dozen rental companies helping to fulfill production contracts for product launches, business conventions, jazz festivals, civic ceremonies and rock shows.

As examples, rental firm Xeos (Strasbourg, France) recently completed a series of events for French automaker Peugeot. In Italy, Sonique Live recently provided sound services for British rockers Marillion in concert at the 2,400-seat Teatro Degli Arcimboldi (Milan), while Star Service (Milan) helped support the multi-venue, outdoor Piano City Milano event series. Star Service recently added a 24-box Bose ShowMatch line array system with 12 SMS118 subwoofers to its rental inventory.

In Asia, integrated audio-visual rental firm Really A/V (Shanghai, China), services a variety of corporate and entertainment industry clients like Victoria’s Secret and Alibaba Group, China’s leading e-commerce company. Really A/V recently acquired 24 ShowMatch line array modules and 12 SMS118 subwoofers. Vincent Gu, Sound Supervisor for the Shanghai Chinese Orchestra, recently mixed on the ShowMatch system. “This group is very much like western symphony orchestras, but with special musical instruments unique to China,” noted Gu. “The Bose system was extremely clear, with well-defined coverage for our concert in the Shanghai Opera House. I look forward to seeing this system becoming more available in local rental inventories”.

In Latin America, regional rental companies specializing in live concerts and festivals are also adopting ShowMatch systems. T&S Group (Quito, Ecuador) recently held a ShowMatch training and certification event for area system owners and operators, along with local sound reinforcement technicians, highlighting the new Bose system solutions platform that includes Powersoft DSP and amplification.

In Australia, FOH engineer Anatole Day recently mixed his show on a Bose ShowMatch system, in a ground-stacked configuration, with artist Guy Sebastian in concert at the Newcastle Civic Theater. “This was definitely the best-sounding show on the tour,” noted Anatole. “ShowMatch delivered high quality audio for the quieter songs as well as the louder ones.”

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