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Chit Chat with Jasleen Royal

Tell us how you entered the music industry

My professional encounter happened with and after India’s Got Talent where I reached the semi finals. I started to get an idea how live gigs work or record deals happen

How did your first break in Bollywood come about? 

I had released my single Panchi Hojavan in third year of college and it had its own reach. Rhea Kapoor the producer of Khoobsurat had heard it and she really liked it. I had also made a phone call to Sneha Khanwalkar at some point telling her how I have loved her work since her first film “Kal Yesterday Tomorrow” and then she mentioned that she had heard my first single Panchi n that she liked it. She was the composer on Khoobsurat! Everything just fell into place after that.

How did you develop a liking and taste towards instruments? 

My parents got a keyboard for my brother and that was my first tryst with music. I was six then and my little experiments with it helped me realize my love for music.

What is your take on the Independent music scene in India? 

Personally I listen to all kinds of music. In my head there aren’t categories like Indie, Film Music, Languages, Background scores or Jingles for that matter. I love melodies! Having said that, I think there are a lot independent artists releasing amazing songs all the time. Every song has its own reach n audience.

Who or what has played an important role in shaping up your musical career and why?

A lot of things and different people at every stage of my life. Starting from my music teacher at school to encouraging words from the people, I have looked up to all my life. Minor successes have kept me going. My family, friends and all the people I have had the chance to work with.

How do you compose music? What helps you do so the most? 

My songs! Music are an extension of me. It is what I think or feel or how I imagine things. Sometimes good poetry helps, sometimes conversations and sometimes it is people you are working with. Everyone brings out a certain side of you and I find that very interesting.

If you woke up one fine day with a million bucks in your bank account, what would be the first thing you’d do?

One million? or ten million?I have a habit of not counting my money ever. Like I never check my bank balance after withdrawing money, My mom keeps finding wrinkled notes out of my pockets all the time. I have never given importance to money. As long as I can survive and do what I really want to.

Tell us about your future projects 

The next movie is Shivaay with Mr. Ajay Devgan and then there a few lined up next year and are spread out nicely.

Your message to readers of the magazine

My message to any one always is keep trying and do what you like. When you actually love something, people also will. Don’t think of making something that will be easy or appeal to other people.


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