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‘Love Nobody’ is a funky tune and Chirag Todi, Ramya Pothuri and RANJ get you grooving – Score Indie Reviews

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Groove is one of those very ubiquitous elements in a lot of pop music; which is definitely why it gets you up and dancing. Best part of making music in today’s age of technology (god I sound old), is that you can get grooving and make a brilliant tune without being restricted by geographical distances. So Chirag Todi, Ramya Pothuri and RANJ have created a banger of a tune remotely and you’re very likely to get dancing to it. 

As part of an 8-track album that Chirag is working on, ‘Love Nobody’ is a great song that borrows heavy elements from the music of Tom Misch. The funky guitars, the tight basslines and groovy beats and production are all very reminiscent of Tom Misch.

Ramya’s sultry vocals (all the way from LA) really shine through and it gives the song that buttery-smooth feeling. And the RANJ brings in the heat with her amazing rap all the way from Bangalore. Her tiny little sprinkle of backing harmonies is the icing on what’s already an amazing cake. 

With a video that features some excellent choreography, the audience gets to enjoy a lot of groove and dance to it. A great track that blends elements of funk, soul, hip-hop and pop, ‘Love Nobody’ fits in really well with an increasingly popular sonic identity that is globally appreciated for its ability to get everybody to dance but also be fuelled by some phenomenal skills.

Artists like Moonchild, Cory Wong, Tom Misch, FKJ, etc. are really influencing a ton of musicians all over the world and musicians like Chirag, Ramya and RANJ take that and give it their own uniqueness. What we get as listeners, is a ton of great music regardless of geographical limitations. Its a win-win situation and this track is proof of that.  

Verdict: Exciting and funky.

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