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Cheap Trick’s Storm Fiasco



The members of Cheap Trick had a flirted with disaster yesterday at the Ottowa bluesfest, as a sudden storm collapsed the main stage from under their feet. 

Bluesfest Ottowa, being one of the largest music festivals in the continent, has always attracted a stellar band of performers. Over the years, luminaries such as KISS, Lynryd Skynyrd, Iron Maiden and Bob Dylan have performed at the outdoor music festival. But this year mother nature crashed the party like only she can- with 95 mph winds.

While the band were performing “I want you to want me”, when the gail force winds caused a power outage in the pop band’s sets. The band reportedly hurried off stage as it gave away under them. Thankfully, nobody was seriously injured but the wind caused a flurry of intruments through the stage, and popped rivets off the girders ‘like machinegun bullets’.

[youtube_video id=fv3ibVXzwVI]


 The Bluesfest Disaster. 

In a moment of unfortunate hilarity, band manager David Frey compared the event to the Titanic going down. 

Ontario Ministry of Labour investigators continue to probe the cause of the collapse.


Cheap Trick is an American rock band founded in 1973 famous for their beatlesque power-pop, their almost continuous touring, and their unusual guitars. Recently, they performed Transformers, Revenge of the Fallen soundtrack. 

[youtube_video id=qSgnhCmwIfo]


Anybody else thinking of really bad ‘fallen’ jokes?

Quick fact: April First is officially Cheap Trick day in the state of Illinois, US.



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