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Can you make music in 50 Hours? These musicians not only did it and were the best at it – Score Short Reads

Can you make music in 50 Hours? These musicians not only did it and were the best at it

Every year, IFP, a multi-domain platform, and community of creators organizes a slew of time-bound challenges, including the 50 Hour Filmmaking Challenge, the 50 Hour Music Challenge, the 50 Hour Photography Challenge, the 7 Day Writing Challenge, the 7 Day Design Challenge, and the 7 Day Storytelling Challenge.

This year marked the third edition of the 50 Hour Music Challenge, which drew 13000 musicians and 1346 teams from 192 cities and 9 countries to create over 1121 original music tracks.

The challenge was judged by an acclaimed Jury Panel comprised of Raja Kumari, OAFF, Rajan Batra, Shalmali Kholgade, and Sneha Khanwalkar, who sifted through all of the entries to choose the musicians whose sound stood out the most to them.

IFP also assigns a unique theme and a mandatory element to ensure that original music is created. This year’s theme was “Dreams that keep you awake,” with the mandatory element being “Incorporate one line of lyric from a different language.”

To level up the competitiveness, the challenge was opened to all languages attracting participation from diverse musicians who were not able to participate in the previous edition due to the language barriers.

Winning the 50 Hour Music Challenge is no easy task. It’s nearly impossible for the majority of people. You literally have a weekend to write, compose, perform, record, master, and submit an original song, only to compete against thousands of musicians from all over the world. Your music will compete against seasoned musicians, aspiring musicians, talented musicians who have never participated in a challenge, and musicians who have won multiple challenges.

Participants must be patient, collaborative, and, most importantly, trust their instincts in order to win. They must go out of their way to push themselves beyond their limits and make decisions that will help them stand out.

One trait we noticed in all of the winning musicians was how they embraced the theme and used their own experiences to compose a song that spoke about who they are as people. The musicians were also highly experimental with their sound, avoiding what’s popular and embracing what’s their own.

The winners were announced in front of thousands in the 50 Hour Music Challenge Award Ceremony at the IFP Season 12 Festival, Asia’s Largest Gathering of Creative Enthusiasts. Their music was played at the festival’s main stage where all the attendees vibed to the beat and cheered loudly when their composers took the stage to accept their hard-earned award along with other exciting prizes!

Here are the winners of the 50 Hour Music Challenge:-

Pop Category

Platinum Winning Song- Kati Patang by TheM

Gold Winning Song-  Daastaan by RK’s Team

Silver Winning Song- Paranoia by Stanly’s Angels

Rock Category

Platinum Winning Song- Arzoo by Tuset Anmol

Gold Winning Song- Euthanasia by Millennium Jokers

Silver Winning Song- Silsile by Lost Coast

Hip Hop Category

Platinum Winning Song-  Nidra Egire by Laantaru

Gold Winning Song- Up All Night by Yuvraj on the flow. ft Neurowav

Silver Winning Song-  Mere Sapne by BrahMean

Folk Fusion Category

Platinum Winning Song- Supne Sagar by Sourav Dey

Gold Winning Song- Jumanji by Folkin’ hell

Silver Winning Song- Sapan Dasaa by The Seven Winds

Electronic Category

Platinum Winning Song- CRASHING by Paloma and Adil

Gold Winning Song- Pleasant Nonsense by Merak x Ber

Silver Winning Song-  Eye Of The Storm by Circuit Bored

All winning songs will be available on global audio platforms starting from December 1st.
Stay Tuned.

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