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India’s top AV rental companies saw the Bose Professional ShowMatch DeltaQ line array system first hand at Palm Expo 2018!

Bose Showmatch DeltaQ Loudspeakers at Palm Expo 2018

An impressive showing is what sums up Bose Professional’s outing at the PALM Expo 2018, as the brand actively displayed several of its application specific flagship products like the ShowMatch DeltaQ line array system, the EdgeMax premium in-ceiling loudspeakers, the Panaray MSA12Xmodular steerable array, the F1 flexible array loudspeaker system, the ControlSpace EX conferencing system and of course, the game-changing S1 Pro multi-position PA system; each of which garnered attention and praise from audiences and peers alike.

Held between 30th May 2018 and 1st June 2018 at the Bombay Exhibition Center in Mumbai, the show also hosted informative sessions across all three days where senior members of the Bose Professional team addressed the audience about the brand’s several technological offerings and the positive impact that these products can have onthe end-user’s business.

David Scheirman – Director, Global Concert & Rental Business, Bose Professional – was a key speaker at these sessions – with the exemplary industry veteran emphasizing how rental company owners must be good business people to be successful; and how focusing on solid long-term value, global support and technical innovation helps achieve this. David also shared Bose’s long-term commitment to developing the market constitutively with resources and the innovation capacity to move effectively in any direction it chooses; and stressed that one of biggest assets to the brand’s global success is honing the wisdom of patience, as opposed to expecting an urgent response from trendy marketing gimmicks. “Innovation has always helmed Bose’s business approach, and the brand has consistently excelled as a leader in providing ground-breaking technologies across various application segments. Products like the ShowMatch DeltaQ line array system, the F1 loudspeaker system, the S1 Pro multi-position PA system; now stand apart as industry game-changers thanks to the revolutionary technologies they employ which have been derived through  advanced R&D capabilities and Bose Corporation’s direct connections with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. These products have provided a fitting solution to some of the current challenges in professional sound; and it is heartening to witness the positivity and appreciation that our products

Speaking categorically about the Indian market, David continued, “India has a dynamic growing entertainment industry with a vibrant live entertainment scene that has the whole Bollywood culture centred around the movie stars, celebrities etc. Then there are the resort hotels and tourist zones like Goa, along with the major international-artist concerts and festivals that India’s promoters are attracting, and Rock and Roll music fans who aspire to experience nothing less than the best.“It has taken a while for the Entertainment Production Industry to mature and become sophisticated in India but what I see today is on par with the best practices anywhere else in the world and it’s not about equipment, it’s about people- the skills, the passion for live sound and production technology that I see in my colleagues in India is remarkable. I’ve known some of the rental sound company operators in India for almost 20 years and to see how they’ve grown, expanded their capabilities, how they can now offer world class services to their clients is really gratifying to me.

“It is quite the shot in the arm to witness an impressive growth in the number of Bose Pro users here, especially in the live sound domain where Bose ShowMatch systems are being embraced by top sound rental companies as well as live-performance venues. Our customers here are the early-adopters – rental, staging and concert sound professionals who really understand the system design paradigm and are confident about fruitful returns on their investment. In total, I believe India holds a unique blend of robustness and an ever-evolving thirst for new technologies, which is what makes this a great place for the professional audio business”.

Identifying India as a key business region, Bose Professional is working to  grow  market share in the country, as Christian Liebenberg, Regional Sales Manager, Professional Division,, shares “India is a discerning market that emphasizes quality and innovation and our products like the ShowMatch DeltaQ system, the ControlSpace EX conference solution and the EdgeMax loudspeaker series, have all received great appreciation and adulation, owing to the revolutionary technologies that these respective products employ.”

Even at the PALM Expo, we’ve had a very encouraging response, with audiences portraying genuine interest for our products that were on display at the booth and at the Demo Cube. With an impressive portfolio of products across all segments – live, portable, install, and conferencing – our focus is to enhance service and customer experience. Our expanded network of distribution partners and service partners across the country will play a key role in attaining this and they will work closely with our in-house team of skilled and seasoned industry professionals who have consistently been doing a great job.

In the next few years, we envisionan increased user-base here that’s high on demand for future-ready technologies – the kind that Bose has consistently delivered to the market for years. Bose will continue to accentuate its focus on India as a key market by highlighting products and technologies that augment user experience, and in the next few years we’re confident of securing a sizeable portion of the market share”.

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