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Artist of the Month: DJ Shaan

How does it feel to be the first Indian to perform at Tomorrowland? What got you to achieve that?

It is all a great feeling, the most important thing at the moment for me was the represent my country perfectly and prove that we have it in ourselves to take our talents to the world. It still feels great knowing that I was the first but the better feeling is knowing I was repressing India on a global scale! Tomorrowland always was a goal of mine and I worked hard towards getting there, releasing new music and signing my first record deal was a great first step.

You’ve performed with some big names in the world electronic music scene. Which has been your best experience till date and what makes it special?

I think the show with Marshmellow and DVLM was incredible the proud was the best ever I have experienced and till date is my most remembered show. It was a pretty energy filled 45 minutes and I packed in my 90 minutes set into just that time which was a challenge but felt good to pull off.

What’s your take on the current electronic music scene in India? How do you think it can be better or what do you think is lacking?

The current electronic scene in India is slowed down a little from my perspective compared to the boom over the last few years. I think there needs to be a big influx of love and one community vibe in the whole industry. We are segregated by genre right now and whether if one is a competitor or not. It can be a lot better!

What’s your tech set up like, plug-ins you rely on?

Omnisphere is right now my go to, discovered it a few months back and it has just been game changing for me!

Tell us about your new song, remix of ‘Personal’. What have you done to make it sound great?

(Laughs) I wish I could share my production secrets, but what I tried to do is capture the happy element and jumpiness of this song and transform it into something peppier but in a different manner. I played around with the kick pattern, bpm, including my ever loved Omnishpere to add some energetic elements into the song.

If you could give one piece of advice to an up-and-coming artist, DJ, producer, what would it be?

Give love and you will get love back. Go Whole heart with all you do and we are always there to support you, it might take some time to get our attention but when you do we are here. Work hard on your goal and your vision of yourself and your music, be unique!

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