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Bombay Rockers to go Bollywood

Bombay Rockers are back after a two year hiatus with a new album which hasn’t matched their earlier album’s success and now like everyone else, want to give Bollywood a shot.

‘Lets Dance – The popular single from ‘Rock and Dhol’

The Danish duo whose debut album sold five times platinum are back in India promoting their new album. Their latest offering Rock and Dhol has a lot of electronica which is different from their earlier sound. Their music which has defining R&B, Hip Hop and Bhangra influences has now caught the attention of Bollywood. 

In an interview with the Indian Express the band said, “Bollywood is huge across the world right now. We are in talks with producers to work on a film here and hopefully we will have some good news soon. We had some offers earlier but this is the right time to do it.” 

So will their dream Bollywood project happen? If so, we wouldn’t want to miss it.

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