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Blind Image to open for Cyanide Serenity

Chennai’s own Blind Image, will open for International Metal Act Cyanide Serenity on their upcoming India Tour. Catch the Concert at British Council on the 24th of April

Blind Image LIVE at Kyra Bangalore

Blind Image is having an extremely busy month. On the 23rd of April they will open for Black Metal Giants Cradle of Filth at Bangalore following which they will open (Along with Totem and Cripted) for Cyanide SerenityWe spoke to the band about their music and the upcoming gigs. Here’s what they had to say.

Supporting Cyanide Serenity 

We are looking forward for this gig, and the fact that is back to back after Cradle of Filth. We were supposed to open for Cyanide Serenity last year, but it didn’t work out so we are happy it is happening now. The members of CS are great to work with. Very down to earth guys. Its going to be good fun playing with them. Do come for the gig on 24th at british council… ENTRY FREEEEE!!

The Journey so far

With regard to shows, most of our Hyderabad gigs have been awesome. In chennai – Live and Sober where we played a clean version of our songs on a rainy day at MCC deepwoods 2010. I think all Indian bands face many road blocks but as band, we believe in taking action to change things for ourselves and other upcoming bands.

Your albums. The concept and response.

Both the albums were made with a different mind set. More Than Human was little more serious than Psychobabble which was our first album. As for the Response – Well, we have only few CDs left from the lot that we made. So I guess the response has been pretty good. 

Plans for the future.

Touring and also we are writing new material. An album is on the cards, but for now you can follow us on Facebook, MySpace and Reverbnation 

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