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Barefaced Liar: New Single: “Toe on Line”

With “Toe on Line”, Barefaced Liar has redefined their sound for their upcoming EP!

Delhi Based rockers Barefaced Liar have released their latest single “Toe the Line” on their SoundCloud page. With the new single, BFL hopes to reinvent their sound, giving us a preview of what their soon-to-be-released album will sound like.

The structure of the song is pretty effective and the guitars are well layered, which lend the song a distinct sound. The single begins with a catchy guitar riff over a soft beat. The vocals kick in and slowly pick up before reaching a crescendo in the chorus. The second verse follows after a drop and follows a similar structure, albeit with the inclusion of the acoustic guitar in the rhythm section.  The lyrical content talks about making amends and paying debts. Guitar licks and riffs dot the entire song but are used in a subtle way, often masked under the distorted riffs. The single is produced by Zorran Mendonsa.

Barefaced Liar comprises of Akshay Chowdhry and Sumant Balakrishnan, who formed the band in 2002. They are influenced by classic rock and heavy metal artists such as The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, and Metallica. Other influences include contemporary artists like Tool and Stone Temple Pilots They have already released a self-titled debut and are morking on their second release. The album will also be produced by Zorran and is scheduled for release later this year.

Check out BFL’s latest single here:

Toe The Line Radio Edit by BarefacedLiar



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