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Band of the Month: Big Bang Blues

How did the band come together?

Sushant Thakur along with the old line up had founded the band in 2009 but the current line up with all new member has been in existence since 2016. With Diyatom Deb on vocals. Barun Sinha on Bass and Backing. And Akhil Kumar on Drums and backing vocals. Sushant and Diyatom had performed together at a BB King Tribute concert in 2015

What makes your music unique? 

The lyrics talk about things that are relevant in the current times. These songs have been written from our own experiences in personal lives and have elements of Blues and Rock music that the members have grown up listening to.

Tell us about ‘thoughts’ and the idea behind it

Thoughts is basically a rhetorical question about the evils of the modern world. It encapsulates numerous social issues and tries to build on a much needed awareness about how humanity is degrading the magic called life.

The lyrics should be self-explanatory.

What’s your take on the Indie scene in India? 

The scene has matured a lot and there are more opportunities in Western music performances. The Bollywood westernised market has also grown many fold. One of the best development is the avenues and platforms on the internet world over for Bands and Artists to post their original material and also monetise the same.

What challenges do you face as an independent band?

Lack of managers and promoters who know where or whom to market the music to. Our listeners are primarily on the west and thus event managers here are mostly catering to Indian clientele and tastes.

Tell us about your upcoming projects 

We are recording an EP which will be released under a new Band name as the music is different from Blues or the sound and image which BBB has been is known for. Big Bang Blues will continue to play covers and Blues related performances whereas the new band will concentrate on creating and performances of only original music.

Rapid fire

Artist you’d like to collaborate with

Eagles, Led Zeppelin, Third eye blind, Toto

Best performance till date

Cafe Hendrix Guwahati

Most fav stage you’ve performed in

High Spirits Pune

Fav jam session

In Shillong Cloud 9 with Rudy Wallang

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