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Band of the Month: Bombay Bassment

Could we get a little history on the members until they joined Bassment?

Back in the day, our bassist Ruell and our ex drummer started a drum and bass outfit but felt their music needed more elements to make it full. So they approached our former manager who was a mutual friend for ideas and that’s how it all came together. He linked us up together. Bob and Major C at the time were into the emceeing/hiphop and DJing scene in the nightclub circuit.

Your music is primarily extremely danceable hip-hop. Was that always the intention?

That is deliberate. We channel Hiphop, dancehall, reggae, afro beat, funk in our music and making it happy and dance inducing is our top priority.

The obvious question: What was performing at Glastonbury like?

It was an exhilarating and simultaneously a humbling experience. We were honoured to share a venue with the biggest names in the industry today, yet also humbled by the fact that people will go so far for music. Conditions were nothing fancy, but the vibe was priceless. The reception of our music was unbelievable, we were even offered a second performance at a different stage the following day after a rousing reception for the first performance. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

We caught your set at Vh1 Supersonic. You guys make it impossible to take a breather because every beat must be jumped to. Have you ever made something mellow, more conducive to lazy listening?

Yes, we do have laid back tracks. Catch our song Reggae Revolution or Yes, Yes Y’all. They’re both relatively laid back. We got sounds for all happy moods

Is there an overarching philosophy driving your music? A common theme or idea that you are trying to get across?

Seeing kids, parents and grandparents on the floor is our mission. But we also do drop some knowledge, messages and consciousness from time to time. But at the end of the night, we wanna see happy faces.

Do you think your music would go well with a visual element such as films or shows? If so, what kind?

Absolutely. We feel art house movies and documentaries are our thing. But otherwise, visuals are also becoming a normal part of the music experience as technology improves and becomes affordable. So expect us to keep raising the bar as time goes by.

Are you in the midst of new compositions right now? Can we expect something soon?

Yes. Coincidentally, we just recorded the first track off our next release earlier this week. Expect a single soon and an EP later in the year.

If there was only one thing that listeners could take away from your music, what would you like it to be?

Music/art (even by your neighbourhood artists, not just superstars) is as important as anything else that you pay for in pursuit of knowledge and happiness.


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