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Balcony TV: Music with a view

 Balcony TV, featuring upcoming bands from different cities, playing at strategic balconies, is coming to the balcony near you!

Balconies, you would think, are just for the early morning tea sippers, stressed coffee sluggers, late night romancers, fresh air junkies, angsty philosophers… but not anymore. Gone are the days when balconies were considered tone deaf and music was reserved to the confines of your rooms. Balcony Tv has taken the initiative to bring you music, live from balconies. 

During one of those epiphanic tea sessions, the founders realized that balconies were just underrated. Using the trusty Internet as a medium, they came up with an ingenious idea to feature upcoming bands playing at various balconies and also revealing the city’s character in the background in the process. Launched in Dublin, the concept promotes bands with potential and also gives viewers a feel of the city, thus killing two birds with a stone.

[youtube_video id=cG_2sBOGDK0]

So far, the website’s featured cities from all around the world like Melbourne to Paris to New York, launching into one new city every month since January 2010.

It’s like MTV for the internet generation”, Co-founder Stephen ‘O Regan told HT, “We have bands that are very small, and also some bands that are very big. The internet is great in democratizing music. Now, we produce over 50 shows a week, from all over the world.” 

[youtube_video id=zoe00rmEAQA]

But India doesn’t need to lose out on all the excitement anymore. A trio of interested journalists, got in touch with Stephen ‘O Regan and convinced him to launch an Indian chapter. As yet, they’ve shot videos in Delhi, with bands like Adil and Vasundhara, Half Step Down and Indigo children and a launch video with Indian Ocean talking about how the city contributes to their music. They are now looking for perfect balconies to launch it in Mumbai too.

[youtube_video id=09J9zjKh0g8]

Pragya Tiwari, Kavi Bhansali and Rishi Majumdar are presently funding the project on their own for content control purposes. Having shot at places where you can see the neighbors hanging clothes, they’re not necessarily looking for beautiful balconies. What they’re looking for is some place which gives a gist of what the city is all about. So if you think *YOUR* balcony is what they’re looking for, chip in and be a part of this brilliant enterprise.

If you have a band or balcony which you think would be perfect for this, contact Kavi Bhansali at [email protected]

Special thanks: Pankti Mehta @Hindustan Times

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