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Kevin Richardson Is Back With The Boys

The big boys of pop, Backstreet Boys, will soon be reassembling their famous five-man line-up, after Kevin Richardson (pictured centre) recently announced he’ll be returning to the band after a lengthy 5 year long hiatus.

The reunion is slated for the annual SS Backstreet cruise in Bahamas, but the length of it is still up in the air, with no follow-ups planned so far. Though ‘Kev’ hasn’t revealed his cards yet, he did admit in an interview to Ryan Seacrest that it wasn’t improbable. “I would never say that it would never happen”, says he, “our chemistry when we get together is just like old times”.

In the meanwhile, the other four members of Backstreet Boys are gearing up to go on tour to Europe with the New Kids On The Block this spring.

This is indeed great news for all the little girls, or whoever else happens to be a Backstreet Boy fan. Even those that might not have been born yet. 

[youtube_video id=4fndeDfaWCg]

Go on, indulge.

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