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Avanti Nagral – Double Standards: Score Indie Reviews

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Mumbai and Boston based artist and creator Avanti thrives at the intersection of pop and soul. She is on a mission to create music that challenges societal norms. Avanti’s music bridges social impact and aims to reclaim the way young girls see themselves, around the world. With songs in English, Hindi, Marathi and Punjabi on the way – empowerment and global sounds are key.

Drawing inspiration from her background in Indian classical and soul music, her sound serves as the intersection for hyphenated identities. Avanti has spoken and performed at the United Nations and TEDx conferences, and has performed at venues and festivals across India, the US and Southeast Asia. She released the first virtual reality music video in all of South Asia for her single ‘I Like’, and has since released several tracks including her debut EP, Double Standards.

When she’s not making music, Avanti Nagral is finding ways to encourage young people to build their confidence, take charge of their health and become active community members. She is back with a four song EP called “Double Standards” which deals with themes like gender equality, consent, stereotypes, body confidence, self-love and jealousy. The EP features the following tracks:


This is a relatable love song about the fear of missing out on your partner’s life before they met you. “Jealous” reclaims jealousy as a sweet emotion that bridges one’s past with their present. 


This is a fierce upbeat anthemic track that celebrates body confidence. It expresses different identities and allows folks to find themselves represented through lyrical imagery.


This track is designed to encourage communication during intimacy. The song revolves around making consent sexy and sound just as enticing. 

“Double Standards”

This cheeky bilingual track is all about singling out stereotypes and empowering each other. It features the use of dhol and tabla juxtaposed with Western beats and rhymes like Chal Hatt and Say What.

Throughout the EP, Avanti Nagral’s voice refuses to be denied, whether it’s about accepting all imperfections with aplomb or cheekily talking about stereotypes. She sings with a power and conviction that challenges listeners not to be moved by her lyrics. They not only fit the times and conditions of this moment but also provide us with different ways to prepare for this different world. It might not always be the kindest, nicest world to live in, but with the right mindset, we can definitely make it better for ourselves (and others).

Verdict: Doubly Delicious.

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