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Ashanti To Replace Fergie in BEP


Rumour has it that the Black Eyed Peas will now have Ashanti as their female trouper! Nov 23rd will be the last BEP show with the Fergie fer who we’ll love longtime 🙁

This comes after Fergie asked out in order to focus on a family with HOTTIE Josh Duhamel. Siiiiiiiiiiiigh.

Ashanti is in fact on tour with the band currently. Black Eyed Peas will be on a break for a bit (where perhaps uber glorious jam sessions will happen and hip hop creativity will reach its peak!!) and then will probably be back with Ashanti on board!


BEP has actually been around since 1995. A couple of dudes, with hair issues, just doing their thang; chilling & jammin, mostly.

[youtube_video id=y0HqsIr6itk]

Someone give them a rubber band, pls. 

The boys obviously need more than joints and jams. So they looked for juice.

Enter squeeze No. 1: Nicole Scherzinger
Unfortunately, she couldn’t join in the fun as she was under contract with Eden’s Crush.

But then who should be around the corner? Stacy Ferguson!


She was a girl scout selling cookies and she rang Will.I.Am’s doorbell. WHO can say no to those…….Eyes?

And THIS is what she brought to the equation:

I can find more inane excuses to put in pictures of Fergie but no I shall get with the story already.

In 2002, the new & improved Black Eyed Peas had a female with AWESOME hair, swagger and sex appeal! And they said, Let’s Get It Started. They went on then, to mess our minds with The Beginning & The End. But this time round, the Ashanti include seems legit.

Ashanti is an R&B songstress who’s been around a while but really hasn’t gotten her dues. Ja Rule & Nelly have collaborated with the singer in the past and she even won a Grammy for her debut in 2003.

Another popular track that may ring a bell – ‘Colours Of The Wind’ from the Pocahontas OST! It’s got Ashanti & her sister on the vocals.

[youtube_video id=reThAD8TXN4]

Black Eyed Peas’ wildness quotient may take a hit. Bootyquakes will be considerably lesser, latex maybe replaced by lace, moaning may give way to actual melody..?

But what other options do they have? Nicki Minaj is too distracting (neon lips & them annoying accents), Rihanna still can’t decide a hair colour (predict a relapse into hair issues).. It’s bleak.

For posterior-ity sake. SNIFF.

[youtube_video id=rtczBseiAac]

We remember her humps, and it brings lumps to our throats:

[youtube_video id=iEe_eraFWWs]

I shall control my full fledged bawl for when a hundred percent confirmation happens. 

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