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Artist In Focus: The Tallest Man On Earth

Some people can write songs about falling in love in the rain in an unrealistically perfect moment and make it sound good. Some other people can write a song about murdering a bunch of people and make it the most beautiful sound you’ve heard all year.


The Tallest Man on Earth, while not all that tall, is the nicest thing you will hear in a long long time. Trust me on this one. Just play these youtube videos, and prepare to fall in love. 

Where Do My Bluebirds Fly

[youtube_video id=zG2ccH8jlCA]

The Gardener

[youtube_video id=Wa3lyo_Eowc]

Honey Won’t You Let Me In

[youtube_video id=G5zYY_LsUfQ]

I Won’t Be Found

[youtube_video id=sWaZJOU4GY8]

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