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Arrows and Raghav Meattle create a ‘world’ of sheer joy with To Your World: Score Indie Reviews

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David Britto (who releases music under the name Arrows) had started his musical tryst with the rousing anthem Buried To Dust a few months back. Now, Arrows is back with a To Your World, a track that he wrote and composed while relying on Raghav Meattle as the featured vocalist and Yohanan Dsouzaas as the producer.

An alumnus from the reality television series The Stage, Meattle has been on the forefront in the indie-pop scene helming one upbeat acoustic number after the other. To Your World is no exception as it is bound to fill listeners with much-needed optimism right from the start. In terms of the lyrics and production, this new single is definitely lighter than Buried To Dust and it just goes on to show the diversity in Britto’s artistic vision.

While the former seemed to bear more dramatic rock-driven roots, To Your World evokes the feel of an acoustic pop number from the late 90s and early 2000s. At the same time, Meattle retains his easygoing charm which doesn’t make the song seem that derivative. With the indie-pop scene currently being filled with pandemic-era melancholia or oversaturated heartbreak tropes, To Your World definitely seems like a fresh release.

The lyrics are simple and charming enough to convey the central theme of the protagonist wishing to find the key to his beloved’s world. The fast-paced drumming and the cheery guitar strumming perfectly suit the mood for a pop ballad that doesn’t require too much grey matter to interpret.

In the end, Arrows and Meattle’s collaboration shows that sometimes, to make a good indie record, one just needs to take it easy. If you’re in a low mood and need a track to keep you going, To Your World might be your answer.

Verdict: Three minutes and thirty-seven seconds of positivity.

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