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Ansuna by gini: A Soul-Stirring Musical Masterpiece- Score Indie Reviews

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“Ansuna”, the latest musical creation from gini, the singer-songwriter, is a thought-provoking blend of gently pulling melodies and soul-touching lyrics giving a story of love, wish, and introspection. While being under gini and Dwaipayan Nandi`s production, the song is an ideal combination of technical proficiency and emotional resonance, and its presence in contemporary indie music is a necessity.

The audio of “Ansuna” is an accurate testament to ini’s tremendous, two-fold talent as a vocalist and songwriter. gini’s singing, filled with a dramatically melodious line that enchants the shedding of conscious thought, further enters and invites our attention through the tale it tells. Listening to the song on repeat, I let myself drown in its oceanic power. The ensuing minutes are filled with instrumental refrains, gini and Dwaipayan Nandi brilliantly handling the sonic tapestry as it interweaves with the themes of the song and accredits to it with dynamic arrangements and subdued embellishments.

Dwaipayan Nandi’s proficiency in mixing and mastering makes sure that the album “Ansuna” is sound-equipped for all types of listeners, leaving no room for unfinished listening. This is the effect that gives the song the feel of honesty and depth, which persuades the listener to be immersed in its musical caress.

On the visual front, the video of the song is brought into a spectacular frame by Molfa Music and Jugaad Motion Pictures. Under the direction of Supreet Kaur, the film transfixes the spectators using its powerful imagery and movie-like storytelling. The video featuring the singer is not only a powerful iconographic corollary to the ballad’s plot but also adds a deeper emotional touch.


“Ansuna” is a track every music lover with a soul should follow until the end singing plausible lyrics and interspersing it with soulful melodies. gini continues to impress in this track, considering it part of today’s music is a rarity.

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