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Angad and Tanvi Trehan – Let It Change: Score Indie Reviews

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Angad Trehan picked up the guitar in an attempt to impress a girl. Eventually, he fell in love with creating experiences through music and the desire to impress was forgotten. At 17, Angad Trehan started dabbling in the world of music production and hasn’t looked back since. It has been a journey of self-discovery up until now- realizing what music is and what it’s meant to do- and he aims to make a difference in his listeners’ lives with his music. He has collaborated with Tanvi Trehan for his latest release “Let It Change” and that’s what we are reviewing here.

“Let it Change” is a story of grown-ups talking to their younger self. It speaks of change and hopes to pass on the message of enjoying the present. 

This song was written in 50 hours for the India Film Project challenge. Tanvi and Angad Trehan stayed up two nights to bring this idea to life. The challenge was to use the title of a book in the song, and they chose ‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof’; meant to signify life, which is uncomfortable and painful at times and it’s up to us to ‘keep it cool’. 

“Let It Change” features sparkling melodies mingling with some awesome guitar in an exciting song structure. It is cheerful, enthusiastic, and most of all, fun. Leaning on a steady and cheerful beat and layering a variety of melodic and atmospheric accents over the top, “Let It Change” comes to life with the spirited optimism of Angad and Tanvi Trehan.

The song starts with a brief intro that sets up the atmosphere of the song and it wastes no time getting listeners into the groove, leaping almost immediately into a hypnotic rhythm that persists through most of the track. Tanvi Trehan does a fantastic job on the vocals as they float over Angad Trehan’s enjoyable instrumental arrangement.

Clocking in at just under four minutes, “Let It Change” delivers a huge amount of musical goodness in a small package. Each new listen reveals hidden details and songwriting touches that bring the music to life. The best way to listen to this track is to put it on repeat and leave it there.

Verdict: Fabulous.

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