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Anantara & ‘Need Trust’ Bring You Melodies For A Cause!


Team Anantara and the Need Trust organisation bring you awesome tunes for a cause!

When they say that ‘Music heals the soul’, it’s not just a bunch of hollow words. In the darkest of times, it squeezes in like a lone ray of light, giving hope and so much more. When all else fails, music rears it’s pretty head to make things better and provide a whole new perspective. It is the form of art which reaches inside your very being, rattling it, piercing it like a stringed arrow.

Thus, the team Anantara and the “Need Trust” organisation have decided come together to wield the power of music for the good of the society. 

Anantara provides quality entertainment for a wide range of audiences using vocal, instrumental, fusion, classical & Western and modern & retro music. They have decided to fuse their talents with the ‘Need trust’ organisation to organise programmes in educating empowering and employing the differently abled people in the society and helping them have a good quality of life. They also support palliative care programmes for the terminally ill patients. They organize events in Chennai to promote musicians and also make money for their treatments by organizing such shows on a large scale.

This time, to raise funds for giving proper care and dignity to those who are terminally ill, they will bring you some heart rendering melodies by Kishore Kumar and Hemant Kumar. A combination never presented before, team Anantara will bring the best of two musical masters. The evening will feature Surojit Gaha as the voice of Hemant Kumar and Shekhar as the voice of Kishore Kumar and they will be supported by Chennai’s leading female singers- Jaya & Usha.

The event will take place  on 17th June from 6pm onwards at the Museum Theatre. Come and show your support for this lovely venture!

For tickets and additional details call: 9176079903, 9840910764

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