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Allegro Fudge: Goodbye

 To make music is something which doesn’t come easily. But for Allegro Fudge, it seems like first nature.

Once in a while there comes a band which instils this overwhelming urge to write gushing reviews about them every time they come up with something new. Allegro Fudge is one such band. For an outfit so low key, they make music which is anything but that. It’s one of those bands who take the immense power of music and shift your world a little towards the right.

Their recent single ‘Goodbye’ delivers just as expected. Melodies so beautifully intertwined, transport you to that country house outside the city, with coffee comfortably sloshing in your belly. Their multiple harmonies give an impression of a clear throated choir working towards pulling you into the song. A combination of upbeat and sad, life seems to be their muse.

We all have a bagful of goodbyes that we’re still lugging around. The song talks about how it’s time to cut the cord when something beautiful turns sour.  That’s the thing about their music, it’s so relatable and honest without being too clichéd. It almost seems like they pick up the guitar and lay down a track whenever there’s an intense enough experience or feeling. 

Here comes Goodbye…

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