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Albatross and Vestal Claret join forces for a split CD

Roadcrew Records announce the launch of a split CD featuring Albatross and the  Connecticut based Vestal Claret at the Albatross album release gig on the 30th of March at Star Rock, Chennai.

A part of the epic CD, will contain Albatross’s EP ‘Kissing flies‘, a follow up to ‘Dinner is you’, telling a tale of despair and horror. A story of a dying town infested with flies feeding on death, decay and misery. The EP features guest performances by Niklas Stalvind (Wolf), Murari Vasudevan (Rat King) and The Demonstealer (Demonic Resurrection). 

On the flipside, Vestal Claret, an a occult metal/death rock project founded by Philip Swanson and Simon Tuozzoli will shake your foundation by regaling you with the saga of a Black Priest in White Chapel.’  Black Priest is a 17 minute epic doom track in three parts. It features Christopher Taylor Beaudette (Nightbitch) filling in as drummer for the original drummer Michael A. Petrucci, who’s currently on tour. 

The track listing is as follows:

1. Albatross – Wither

2. Albatross – Uncle Sunny At The Tavern

3. Albatross – Kissing Flies

4. Albatross – From Ashes Comes Life

5. Vestal Claret – Black Priest

To juice up the anticipation, here’s Albatross’s ‘Uncle Sunny At the Tavern’ for you!

Uncle Sunny at the Tavern by Albatrosshorror

The album will be sold via Roadcrew Records from March 31st onwards. Please contact the label directly for sales, orders and wholesale purchases.

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