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Aditi Iyer releases an electropop heartbreak single called Deleted Your Number – Score Indie Reviews

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Aditi Iyer (who professionally goes by just her first name) is just 17 years old but she made her mark in the last year itself with her moving EP Dollhouse. This time, as she preps for her upcoming 12th board exams, Aditi also dropped her new single Deleted Your Number. 

As the title of the track suggests, this is in its simplest essence, a breakup song. Be it Lady Gaga’s Telephone or James Blunt’s Lose My Number, using phone numbers as an allegory for tumultuous relationships has been a recurring trope in pop music. Even though Aditi relies on similar themes, it is the dance-pop production that sets it apart from similar-sounding songs in the Indian indiepop space. 

The production definitely elevates the lyrical content towards more dramatic heights, thanks to the efforts of acclaimed musician Rohan Solomon. Coming back to Aditi’s vocals, she is bold and assertive as she gets to terms with a failed relationship and moves on by gathering the courage to delete the number of the one who broke her trust. 

It is interesting that you can feel the singer’s shift in mood in the course of the song itself. In the start, her vocals are quite hushed-down and you can sense some melancholia in her voice. But as the electro-pop parts kick in, she starts gaining more confidence in herself, and by the end of it all, she emerges as bolder than ever having fully forgotten the person whose number she had once saved so dearly. 

In this way, a generic pop recipe turns into a catchier declaration of a lover’s self-independence. The switch from a mellow to an upbeat sound within the track itself is reflective of the diversity that Aditi is aiming for. 

Verdict: Familiar concept but fresher sound. 

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